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Alert Logic Intelligent Response™

Expert-enabled response options

In the event of a successful attack, you need to rapidly detect and respond

Alert Logic’s comprehensive managed detection and response (MDR) solution provides end-to-end security for your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Through a combination of automated response and expert guidance, Alert Logic provides the options you need to reduce dwell time before any real damage impacts your business.

Skull Drive
Reduced Dwell Time

Intelligent Response

Informed, Simplified Orchestration

Integrated Technologies

Expert-Informed Actions

All Alert Logic response options are driven by the expertise delivered by our threat intelligence and security operations teams.

Community Defense

Cloud Ready

Alert Logic’s embedded SOAR capabilities provide end-to-end workflow integration with AWS services.
Threat Hunting

Integrated Process

Alert Logic MDR integrates with your existing productivity and service management tools to facilitate response.
247 Threat Detection

Flexibility Aligned with Your Business Risk

Achieve these optimized outcomes by leveraging a blend of approaches:

  • Group assets based on risk factors
  • Automate responses with an optional, but sometimes necessary human approval
  • Build your own integrations using our open API

The outcome is always based on our deep understanding of the threat landscape, attacker behavior, and a comprehensive security analytics platform that delivers actionable intelligence.

247 Threat Detection
Avoid Vulnerability with icons

Automated Response: Embedded SOAR in AWS

Alert Logic’s automated response option provides you with the ability to:

  • Configure playbooks based on your workflow requirements
  • Trigger response actions in AWS including blocking, containment, and host isolation, based on the type of attack and the asset targeted
  • Integrate with ServiceNow for case management

You determine the appropriate response and Alert Logic makes it happen.

Ready to Protect Your Company with Alert Logic MDR?